• FAQ’s

Where can we go on our charter?

The Sovereign Lady specialises in charters around Moreton Bay. These include Peel Island, Moreton Island Sandhills, Tangalooma Wrecks, Coochiemudlo Island, One Mile North Stradbroke Island and whale watching (offshore).

Can we go swimming?


However, your safety is our primary concern. While drinking, your coordination and depth perception will be negatively affected, and we ask that our guests do not drink alcohol before swimming. Please swim to the level of your ability and be aware that you will be swimming in the ocean with unpredictable tide and weather patterns.

Do you supply catering?
  1. You can bring your own catering
  2. We can organise platters such as fruit, sandwiches, wraps, chicken, antipasto, grazing style, dessert, hot pastries and fresh seafood such as prawns, bugs and oysters or
  3. We can take you to a destination with catering such as the LSC Waterfront Bistro in One Mile, Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island.
Can we BYO beverages?

Yes, you can bring your own alcohol on board. We have a BYO liquor license. We have fridges onboard for use.

No bottles of straight spirits allowed, Maximum of 2 carton of pre-mixed canned spirits allowed onboard.
A maximum of 3 large eskies/coolers can be brought onboard between the group.

Can we bring our own waiters?

All our crew are trained and certified in the Responsible Service of Alcohol. They have been inducted into the yachts safety management system and covered by insurance. Contact us if you want to bring your own service staff.

Is there a minimum charter period?

Sovereign Lady is typically used for day charters to special destinations around Moreton Bay. Some of the close destinations may only require 5 hours, and some further away may require 8 or 9 hours. We can also customise smaller charters to meet your personal requirements.

What is the maximum guest capacity?

For day charters, we can accommodate up to 28, and for short getaways (1-5 days) up to 6 people.

What does the charter rate include?

The charter rate includes the full charter of the yacht, the Captain and crew, and fuel use.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We cannot control the weather. Our Captain will decide if it is safe to take out Sovereign Lady. He may propose another beautiful destination that will ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience.

If the weather is unsuitable and if the wind is 25 knots or over, we would have to postpone the trip to a later date when it is safer to do so.

Will I get seasick?

Most of our charters operate in smooth and partially smooth waters. If we go offshore for whale watching (into the open ocean), there is a possibility of large waves.

The vessel is very seaworthy, and you will be safe. However, if you are concerned about getting seasick, we suggest buying some seasick tablets from the chemist. Please let our crew know if you are feeling unwell.

Is smoking allowed onboard?

When the vessel is anchored, and you are safe, smoking is only allowed on the back swimming platform.

How do I book Sovereign Lady?

Once availability for Sovereign Lady has been confirmed, we will send you a confirmation, a standard Charter Agreement for you to sign and deposit invoice.

What are the payment and cancellation terms?

DEPOSIT:  A 50% deposit is needed to confirm the charter at the time of booking.

FINAL PAYMENT:  The balance of the charter fee is to be received as cleared funds no later than 14 days before the charter date.

CANCELLATION:  If the charter is cancelled in writing more than 30 days before the charter date, a full refund of monies received will be issued, less a 25% deposit.

If the charter is cancelled within 30 days of the charter date 100% cancellation fee will apply.

Where does your boat depart from?

 Sovereign Lady will depart from the public jetty in the Raby Bay Marina. 

Please arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of time to ensure prompt boarding.  There are plenty of places to park in and around Raby Bay.

Yacht Etiquette

Sovereign Lady is a luxurious vessel. To ensure you and future guests enjoy her luxury, please:

  • Do not consume food or alcohol inside Lady Sovereign
  • Please wear soft-soled shoes and leave your stilettos at home
  • Please be conscious of bulky jewellery that might scratch surfaces.

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